Stuff Brokers Are Scared To Tell You When Selling Your House

Dated: 05/25/2017

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Stuff, Stuff & More Stuff – You have lots of stuff and clearing it out will help you sell your house. Think of it as pre packing and the beginning of the moving process.

It’s Not Personal – We bring in a professional stager to increase the sale-ability of the house so it appeals to as many people as possible. Some of the recommendations may feel like an upper cut but this will help sell your house faster and for a higher price.

Believe it or not there are rude agents who show up late for an appointment or not at all. And you may come home to lights on, unlocked doors, open garages, windows open water on and pet let out. I want to apologize in advance for this but I will do my best to follow up with them.

Buyers likely see your home online before ever getting in the car. Buyers are obsessively checking listings and creating favorite lists and checking it often. A poorly presented home that doesn’t look good online will hurt you.

While your property is on the market you will stress out about the number of showings. If the price is right and property is staged well this shouldn’t be an issue. If we don’t get the expected traffic in the first month we have to react and adjust accordingly.

While your property is on the market, you’ll wonder what people and agents think? Unless otherwise agreed upon, your agent won’t actually be at the showing. Good agents will provide feedback but unfortunately, a number of agents won’t actually give feedback.

Buyers are laser focused and impatient and want to see your home on their own schedule. Turning down showing appointment requests decrease the likelihood os selling the home. I have often heard “don’t they want to sell their house?”

Packing up the kids and pets every time there’s a showing is a real pain. Buyers are uncomfortable previewing your home while you’re there watching every move & pointing things out. Find out where the local Starbucks is located and preload a gift card. You may even want to keep a box of toys or crayons and paper in the trunk for the kids. The pain will be worth it.

Be ready for lowball offers and don’t let it hurt your feelings. An offer is a staring point and a good agent will be able to help negotiate the price as high as possible. Remember you might be making a lowball offer on your next purchase.

Every House sells if the price is right – Shag carpet, mirror wallpaper, popcorn ceilings, no updates, busy street, there’s a market for every home at the right price.

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