Dated: 01/02/2019

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In our previous blog post we discussed the importance of a first time homebuyer having a Pre-Approval from a Lender prior to beginning their search for a home. Once a Lender has provided the buyer with a Pre-Approval, it is time to sit down with your Buyers Agent and discuss the specific “wants and needs” that are important to you and your family in your new home.

Already having a Pre-Approval will help your agent to better assist you in setting more realistic expectations of what size home you can afford, possible location of your home, characteristics  and features of the home that are important to you, etc.

If there are some items that are “non-negotiables” in your new home, let your agent know those. Compile a list with your Realtor, prioritizing your list….making a note of those things that you might be willing to be more flexible about.

 We like to categorize our client’s list of features into 3 categories:

·      Like It

·      Want It

·      Got to Have It

When we sit down with our buyers, we have a very detailed checklist of “Future Home Selections” that we review together, making note of those features our buyer “wants”, “needs”…and even those features that they “Do NOT want”. We review Interior features, Exterior features and even features and amenities in the neighborhood or community that are important considerations in the selection of your new home. 

All of this information is very helpful to us in guiding our buyers, so that we aren’t wasting your time showing you properties that won’t meet your specific wants and needs or that might not be within your budget. Spending a little additional time “on the front end” discovering what items are most important to our buyers, enables us to streamline your home search process and help you settle in on the “perfect” home much faster.

With all of this information in hand, we are then able to share our market knowledge to make YOUR home search the enjoyable, productive and profitable experience that we desire for ALL of our buyers to have! 

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