Easy Resolutions for a New Year and Market Ready Home

Dated: 01/08/2019

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If you are even considering selling your home in the Spring now is the perfect time to "dig in" The Christmas Tree is down, the needles are everywhere--- its all so overwhelming! I love the felling I get after all the Christmas Decor is put away. I am a bit claustrophobic. All the googling elves, blinkling lights and pointsettias explosion, puts me in full blown over load mode. While you are in organizing and cleaning mode advance to the next level. Take one room at a time an really look at the room from a strangers perspective. If a potential buyer were to walk  into that room and view your home as a possibility on their property tour with their agent. You want them to pick your house. Right? Competition is fierce! Good luck! 

1. Remove polarizing objects. Any pictures of your favorite president or religious items need to be packed away. Many people have strong feelings regarding these objects. You do not want your potential buyer focusing on your angel statues versus your beautiful home.

2. Let the light shine! Update your lightbulbs as well as your lampshades. Yes, a lamp can be updated with a brand new shade! It will breathe new life into a room! Add lighting/lamps to all dark corners. There is nothing worse than showing a dark house! 

3.No furry friends allowed. Not everyone loves PETS! I know! Shocker! If a potential buyer walks in and sees a dog or is brushing cat hair off their jacket they will think your home is not clean and therefore you are not taken care of your castle. Sorry, these are facts folks of typical human behaviour. Put away dog bowls, leashes etc and take FIDO on a walk during the showing.

4. Organize Closet Space

Please take time to purge those ratty towels and sheets in your linen closet. Closets matter! People are nosy and will definitley judge. Purge the closet, make donations or put half of the items in storage. Full unorganized closets scream bad energy. Show off your closets and how much storage they could potentially have in their future home. 

5. Make Minor and Major Repairs

No one wants to see items in a house in dis-repair. Blatant repairs that are visual is money going out the door. Please fix that creaking front door, replace burnt out light bulbs, fresh neutral coat of paint throughout,patch the holes in juniors nursery when he had his last temper tantrum. These items will be seen and viewed as a negative.

6. Please update your kitchen

An updated kitchen will give you an 85% return on your money invested. A dated kitchen screams.... yippppeee "we do not have to give them their asking price" The most budget friendly way to update is a simple coat of paint to the cabinets and updated hardware and counter tops.

The rewards will be immense if you invest the time to adress these issues before putting your home on the market. The old adage "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" is so true! Lay a new welcome mat outside your home. Invest in a few throw pillows, clean smelling candles and fresh flowers. Show the love you have for your home. 

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