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As Fall arrives and the weather is finally turning cooler, I am already looking forward to curling up in front of our fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly night.  Traditionally, fireplaces have always been the heart of the home where the entire family would gather to stay warm. 


Most of us no longer depend on a fireplace as our primary heating source in our home, but fireplaces are many times the focal point of a room. Fireplaces are still one of the most popular features that homebuyers request in their new home. 

There is nothing that can replace the smell and feel of a wood-burning fireplace…but today’s gas (and even some electric) fireplaces sure can come close! Some of the newest gas fireplace inserts are so realistic looking that it is difficult to tell that you are not burning real wood. 


Several years ago, we removed our “vent-free” gas fireplace insert in our home and replaced it with a new “vented” gas insert and it is one of the most realistic gas fireplaces I have ever seen.  In addition, it is completely controlled by remote control…from turning it on, to choosing the height of the flame, to the fan blower speed.  It also has a battery backup so that if the power goes out in our house, we can still use the fireplace to generate heat in our house.

 There’s just something so relaxing, and almost mesmerizing, to me about watching the flames of a fire.  Even when the weather is still a little bit warm, we have been known to turn on our gas fireplace AND run the air conditioning at the same time….just for the ambience!


Just a Reminder  -   As “fireplace season” is upon us, please don’t forget that both wood-burning AND gas fireplaces can produce carbon monoxide which is odorless, invisible and silent.  Every home should have carbon monoxide detectors installed and you should check them regularly to ensure that they are functioning correctly…by pressing the “test” button.


We no longer build fireplaces for physical warmth – we build them for the warmth of the soul; we build them to dream by, to hope by, to home by.

Edna Ferber

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